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Flowering Plants For Your Home

As Consultants, we have lived and worked in over 40 countries. Yes, it is a life full of wonderful adventure and change, but also of spare hotel rooms and very basic apartments. How do you give a lift to this pallid and insipid space when you may only be in there for a month or so?

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Flowering plants change all that. They bring in life, color, the energy of new growth. Not cut flowers either, which are just at the beginning of the death cycle but small potted plants that are living and filled with vitality. As you watch them breaking out with their explosion of buds or burst into bloom, these flowers make you sense growth and change and being part of life. What a lift every morning to see all that colour waiting or to walk in on a cold fall or winter day and see Spring all around you.

Aside from that, flowers also clean up the air in the house, making it more healthy. If you are in the great white north with central heating, flowering plants can add some much needed moisture to the air. While paintings and rugs bring color to the house, they are often static and lifeless. They stay the same year after year. Flowers are dynamic and every week you can add another plant as a replacement or upgrade so your home world is always changing. They make your house more inviting to people. Often, having flowers in the house kicks off the conversation when people drop in. Somehow, they bring out the best in people.

They can also bring out the best in you. As you care for them, they give back so much more than you give them . They engage you in growth and new life, in the future.

Flowering Plants Provide Privacy:

article-1186294-16D02EA6000005DC-817_468x286Sometimes I use flowers to give us privacy rather than curtains. Curtains gather dust and retain food smell especially in kitchens. It is even better when the flowers you place in your kitchen window are those that smell sweet like jasmine, narcissus, lavender and lily of the valley. You can rotate the flower pots so they get enough sun and exposure outside. But if your window provides your flowers enough sun, they will thank you with more and more blooms. You will, too, as you watch them bud and flower and fill your kitchen with that delicate smell that can only come from live flowering plants constantly budding and giving blooms.

Know Your Indoor Flowering Plants:

Of course, this is easy for us to grow beautiful plants in the tropical climate. But most of the real beauties are available now in the North and many cities have fantastic greenhouses where you can go on explorations every weekend. Just remember to place them where they are exposed to sunlight and they will continue to grow and give you flowers. I love putting them in the bathroom. Then, I don’t have to spray those artificial scents or buy those expensive jasmine scented candles. If you don’t get enough sun in your bathroom, you can plant them in several smaller pots so you can place them in your bathroom in rotation.

And don’t forget flowering cactus. These are easy to care for, take only tiny bits of space, and can be as riotous in colour as any other plant. If you have a hay fever sneezer in the house, this is the way to go.

Flowering Plants Bring Life To An Empty Space:

I like using flowering plants to enliven portions of the house where there is dead wall space. I find that flowering plants, more than paintings, bring life to these spaces and cut the boredom as well. I like using orchids for they last longer so it does not become very expensive. You can take care of them afterwards and they will continue giving you the blooms you need for your house. I often use transparent bowls to put them in so the roots still get some light and continue growing.

Orchids for me are the most cost effective indoor flowers when you live in tropical climates as they are cheaper. In cold climates, they are harder to maintain but they still last longer. They also add elegance to an otherwise boring room. However, check your local greenhouse for the varieties of flowering plants that work best for you. You’ll also get all kinds of free advice.

Grow Your Own Indoor Flowering Plants:

indoor-flowers-resizedWhen you live in tropical climates, this is not a problem as flowers are available the whole year. But in a cold climate, it is hard to have flowering plants in the winter. And this is the time when you most need the lift that flowers often give.

There are many ways of ensuring you have flowers even during winter. You can grow bulbs. You can pot tubers wrapped up in a cool place in the autumn and let them grow later inside. Of course, you can always buy flowering plants from florists and greenhouses, but growing them yourself gives you more satisfaction. And who knows, you may find plants so engaging that you build a small greenhouse onto the back of your home. From color break, to hobby, to passion, I’ve seen it happen.

Grow Your Own Flowering Plants:

Yes, you can grow the flowers that you need to place inside your house. Grow lots of them so you can rotate them the whole year and so you can give them as gifts to others.